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Supported Copper Catalysts In The Synthesis Of Methanol: N2O-titrations

B. Denise, R. Sneeden, B. Béguin, O. Chérifi
Published 1987 · Chemistry

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Abstract We have effected the N2O titrations for a series of supported copper catalysts both after H2 reduction and after the synthesis of methanol from CO/H2, CO2/H2 and CO/CO2/H2 mixtures. The results indicate that, for a given series of catalysts and for a given feedstock, the methanol productivities at atmospheric pressure are related to the N2O titrations both after reduction and after reaction. The N2O titrations give some measure of the “active sites”: they do not, however, permit their identification. We conclude that in the methanol synthesis from CO2-containing mixtures the Cureduced sites could be involved (activation of H2) whereas for CO/H2 the Cuoxidized sites could be more important.
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