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Intermolecular And Surface Forces

Jacob N Israelachvili
Published 1985 · Chemistry
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The Forces between Atoms and Molecules. Principles and Concepts. Historical Perspective. Some Thermodynamic Aspects of Intermolecular Forces. Strong Intermolecular Forces: Covalent and Coulomb Interactions. Interactions Involving Polar Molecules. Interactions Involving the Polarization of Molecules. van der Waals Forces. Repulsive Forces, Total Intermolecular Pair Potentials, and Liquid Structure. Special Interactions. Hydrogen-Bonding, Hydrophobic, and Hydrophilic Interactions. The Forces between Particles and Surfaces. Some Unifying Concepts in Intermolecular and Interparticle Forces. Contrasts between Intermolecular, Interparticle, and Intersurface Forces. van der Waals Forces between Surfaces. Electrostatic Forces between Surfaces in Liquids. Solvation, Structural and Hydration Forces. Steric and Fluctuation Forces. Adhesion. Fluid-Like Structures and Self-Assembling Systems. Micelles, Bilayers, and Biological Membranes. Thermodynamic Principles of Self-Assembly. Aggregation of Amphiphilic Molecules into Micelles, Bilayers, Vesicles, and Biological Membranes. The Interactions between Lipid Bilayers and Biological Membranes. References. Index.

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