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Ultrasonic Treatment For Improved Solution Properties Of A High-molecular Weight Exopolysaccharide Produced By A Medicinal Fungus.

Z. Wang, Yi-Ching Cheung, Po-Hong Leung, J. Wu
Published 2010 · Chemistry, Medicine

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High-power ultrasound (20 kHz) was applied to modify the physicochemical properties of a high-molecular weight (MW) exopolysaccharide (EPS) from mycelial culture of a medicinal fungus. At 35 W/cm(2) or higher ultrasound power, the apparent and intrinsic viscosities of EPS solution dropped by nearly 85% within 10 min, and the water solubility was increased by more than fourfold. The ultrasonic treatment led to a notable reduction of the maximum MW and a more uniform MW distribution, but no significant change in the primary structure of the EPS molecules. In contrast, the intrinsic viscosity of EPS was reduced by only 20% in 1.0M sulfuric acid at 50 degrees C for 9h. Ultrasound was proven an effective and favorable means for improving the solution properties of high-MW bioactive polysaccharides in mild conditions.
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