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Primary Ovarian Carcinoid: A Report Of Two Cases And A Decade Registry.

I. Metwally, Amr F. Elalfy, S. Awny, Islam A. Elzahaby, Reham M. Abdelghani
Published 2016 · Medicine

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OBJECTIVES This study aims at reporting 2 cases of primary ovarian carcinoid tumor, and providing an adequate registry of such cases and how they were managed. METHODS 2 female patients with primary ovarian carcinoid were diagnosed and treated in our center. Discussion of their presentation, pathology and treatment is entitled. Also a thorough search of all published registries and case reports of ovarian carcinoid was done with analysis of reported data. RESULTS 164 cases of primary ovarian carcinoid tumor were detected since 2005 with the predominance of the insular variant. Carcinoid syndrome occurs in nearly 14% of these cases. Most of the cases were treated with hysterectomy. Unfortunately, the prognosis was not documented in most series. CONCLUSION Primary ovarian carcinoid is a relatively rare disease with an indolent course and excellent outcome. Carcinoid syndrome, especially carcinoid heart disease may worsen the prognosis. Total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy has been commonly used as the treatment of choice of primary ovarian carcinoid tumors.
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