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Comparative Study Of The Endophytic And Rhizospheric Bacterial Diversity Of Angelica Sinensis In Three Main Producing Areas In Gansu, China

L. Ling, Wen-xia Ma, Zibin Li, Zhenglong Jiao, Xiaoyan Xu, L. Lu, X. Zhang, Juanjuan Feng, J. Zhang
Published 2020 · Biology
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Abstract The purpose of this study was to provide a theoretical basis for the evaluation of Angelica quality and soil fertility in three main producing areas of Angelica sinensis and to determine the correlation between endophytic bacteria and bacteria from rhizospheric soil. The diversity of endophytic bacteria from Angelica sinensis root and bacteria from Angelica sinensis rhizospheric soil in three main producing areas (Meichuan town, Huichuan town and Dongjiang town) of Angelica in Gansu Province were examined in this study. A total of 205,536 valid reads were obtained from all the samples by high-throughput sequencing, and 199,637 optimized reads were retained. The Illumina sequencing analysis results showed that the diversity of endophytic bacteria and bacteria in the Angelica sinensis rhizospheric soil of Meichuan was more significant than that of Dongjiang and Huichuan. Venn diagrams and taxonomic composition results showed that some of the endophytic bacteria of Angelica sinensis root were the same as those of rhizospheric soil bacteria, indicating that the endophytic bacteria may have come from rhizospheric soil. Bacterial colonization in the rhizospheric soil of Angelica sinensis may be the main source of endophytic bacteria, and the quality of Angelica sinensis may be closely related to the diversity of its endophytes and the bacteria in the rhizospheric soil.
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