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Inhibition Of Lipase Adsorption At Interfaces. Role Of Bile Salt Micelles And Colipase.

D. Lairon, G. Nalbone, H. Lafont, J. Léonardi, N. Domingo, J. Hauton, R. Verger
Published 1978 · Chemistry, Medicine

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The effects of bile salts and colipase on the adsorption of lipase at an interface were studied by hydrophobic affinity chromatography on phenyl- and octyl-Sepharose. In the absence of bile salts, lipase or colipase binds separately to the gel. This is unchanged in the presence of adsorbed bile salts, when one bile salt molecule is associated per hydrophobic ligand. The same data are obtained in the presence of monomeric bile salt solutions. In contrast, lipase adsorption is totally prevented in a micellar bile salt solution. These results favor the idea that the formation of a lipase-bile salt complex in solution is responsible for the lack of interfacial lipase adsorption.
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