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Introduction To Organic Thin Film Transistors And Design Of N-Channel Organic Semiconductors

C. Newman, C. Frisbie, D. A. S. Filho, J. Bredas, and Paul C. Ewbank, K. R. Mann
Published 2004 · Materials Science

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The development of new organic semiconductors with improved performance in organic thin film transistors (OTFTs) is a major challenge for materials chemists. There is a particular need to develop air-stable n-channel (electron-conducting) organic semiconductors with performance comparable to that of p-channel (hole-conducting) materials, for organic electronics to realize the benefits of complementary circuit design, i.e., the ability to switch transistors with either positive or negative gate voltages. There have been significant advancements in the past five years. In terms of standard OTFT metrics such as the field effect mobility (μFET) and on-to-off current ratio (ION/IOFF), n-channel OTFTs have achieved performance comparable both to that of n-channel amorphous silicon TFTs and to that of the best reported p-channel (hole-conducting) OTFTs; however, issues of device stability linger. This review provides a detailed introduction to OTFTs, summarizes recent progress in the development of new n-channel...
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