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H2 And CO Electrooxidation On Well-Characterized Pt, Ru, And Pt-Ru. 1. Rotating Disk Electrode Studies Of The Pure Gases Including Temperature Effects

H. Gasteiger, N. Marković, P. Ross
Published 1995 · Chemistry

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We discuss the electrooxidation of both CO and H{sub 2} on well characterized Pt, Ru, and Pt-Ru rotating disk electrodes in 0.5 M H{sub 2}SO{sub 4} at room temperature and at 62{degree}C. We focus on the mechanism and the kinetics of CO oxidation on Ru and Pt-Ru electrodes under well-defined mass transfer conditions, highlighting the expected differences from measurements on the oxidation of preadsorbed monolayers of CO in CO-free electrolyte. Analysis of the catalytic activity displayed by Pt, Ru, and Pt-Ru surfaces for the oxidation of the pure gases, H{sub 2} and CO is used as the basis for understanding the oxidation of H{sub 2}/CO mixtures, which will be presented in Part 2. Finally, our previously proposed mechanism for the oxidation of both methanol and formic acid on Pt-Ru electrodes is reassured on the basis of measurements with H{sub 2} and CO. 47 refs., 9 figs.

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