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Detailed Structural Investigation Of The Grafting Of [Ta(=CHtBu)(CH2tBu)3] And [Cp*TaMe4] On Silica Partially Dehydroxylated At 700 Degrees C And The Activity Of The Grafted Complexes Toward Alkane Metathesis.

E. Le Roux, M. Chabanas, A. Baudouin, A. de Mallmann, C. Copéret, E. A. Quadrelli, J. Thivolle-Cazat, J. Basset, W. Lukens, A. Lesage, L. Emsley, Glenn J Sunley
Published 2004 · Chemistry, Medicine

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The reaction of [Ta(=CHtBu)(CH2tBu)3] or [Cp*Ta(CH3)4] with a silica partially dehydroxylated at 700 degrees C gives the corresponding monosiloxy surface complexes [([triple bond]SiO)Ta(=CHtBu)(CH2tBu)2] and [([triple bond]SiO)Ta(CH3)3Cp*] by eliminating a sigma-bonded ligand as the corresponding alkane (H-CH2tBu or H-CH3). EXAFS data show that an adjacent siloxane bridge of the surface plays the role of an extra surface ligand, which most likely stabilizes these complexes as in [([triple bond]SiO)Ta(=CHtBu)(CH2tBu)2([triple bond]SiOSi[triple bond])] (1a') and [([triple bond]SiO)Ta(CH3)3Cp*([triple bond]SiOSi[triple bond])] (2a'). In the case of [(SiO)Ta(=CHtBu)(CH2tBu)2([triple bond]SiOSi[triple bond])], the structure is further stabilized by an additional interaction: a C-H agostic bond as evidenced by the small J coupling constant for the carbenic C-H (JC-H = 80 Hz), which was measured by J-resolved 2D solid-state NMR spectroscopy. The product selectivity in propane metathesis in the presence of [([triple bond]SiO)Ta(=CHtBu)(CH2tBu)2([triple bond]SiOSi[triple bond])] (1a') as a catalyst precursor and the inactivity of the surface complex [([triple bond]SiO)Ta(CH3)3Cp*([triple bond]SiOSi[triple bond])] (2a') show that the active site is required to be highly electrophilic and probably involves a metallacyclobutane intermediate.
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