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Hydrovinylation Of 1,3-dienes: A New Protocol, An Asymmetric Variation, And A Potential Solution To The Exocyclic Side Chain Stereochemistry Problem.

Aibin Zhang, T. V. RajanBabu
Published 2006 · Chemistry, Medicine

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Cyclic and acyclic 1,3-dienes undergo efficient (substrate/catalyst = 72) heterodimerization with ethylene in the presence of a Ni catalyst prepared from [o-(PhCH2O)]C6H4PPh2, [(allyl)2NiBr]2, and Na+ BAr4- (Ar = 3,5-bis-trifluromethylphenyl), giving 1,2-addition products. Yields up to 99% can be realized for several 1-vinylcycloalkenes and 1-substituted 1,3-butadienes. Phospholanes with suitably placed hemilabile ligating groups and phosphoramidites derived from binaphthol are excellent ligands for an asymmetric variation of this reaction, the latter giving 99% yield and >95% ee's for selected substrates. An example of how an exocyclic chiral center can be used to install other stereo-centers in the ring (e. g., the carbon to which the side chain is attached) is also provided. These discoveries open an expeditious entry into several biologically relevant classes of compounds, especially those carrying tetrahydronaphthalene and related heterocyclic moieties.
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