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Supramolecular π−π Stacking Pyrene-Functioned Fluorenes: Toward Efficient Solution-Processable Small Molecule Blue And White Organic Light Emitting Diodes

F. Liu, C. Tang, Q. Chen, F. Shi, H. Wu, Linghai Xie, Bo Peng, W. Wei, Y. Cao, W. Huang
Published 2009 · Chemistry

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In this paper, we described a new category of solution-processible small molecule organic light emitting materials—the pyrene-functioned diarylfluorenes: 2PPPF and DPPPF. In solution, both of the materials show deep blue emission. In film, their emission largely red-shifted due to strong π−π stacking of pyrene groups. 2PPPF, which is quite rigid in molecular structure, bearing only one alkoxyl group, could form smooth film by spin-coating. From the photoluminescence and morphology study, we believe the strong π−π stacking enhanced the film forming ability. 2PPPF is an amorphous blue light emitter, with a Tg over 100 °C and Td over 430 °C. The good thermal stability is comparable to polymeric light emitting materials. The material shows strong aggregated emission with a broad structureless peak at about 460 nm in film. Electroluminescent devices by spin-coating were successfully fabricated. A single-layered device using 2PPPF as the active material shows a turn on voltage of 4.3 V, brightness over 3600 cd/...

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