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Zeptogram-scale Nanomechanical Mass Sensing.

Y. Yang, C. Callegari, X. Feng, K. Ekinci, M. Roukes
Published 2006 · Physics, Medicine, Materials Science

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Very high frequency (VHF) nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS) provide unprecedented sensitivity for inertial mass sensing. We demonstrate in situ measurements in real time with mass noise floor approximately 20 zg. Our best mass resolution corresponds to approximately 7 zg, equivalent to approximately 30 xenon atoms or the mass of an individual 4 kDa molecule. Detailed analysis of the ultimate sensitivity of such devices based on these experimental results indicates that NEMS can ultimately provide inertial mass sensing of individual intact, electrically neutral macromolecules with single-Dalton (1 amu) resolution.
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