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Targeted Profiling: Quantitative Analysis Of 1H NMR Metabolomics Data.

A. Weljie, J. Newton, P. Mercier, Erin Brock Carlson, C. Slupsky
Published 2006 · Chemistry, Medicine
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Extracting meaningful information from complex spectroscopic data of metabolite mixtures is an area of active research in the emerging field of "metabolomics", which combines metabolism, spectroscopy, and multivariate statistical analysis (pattern recognition) methods. Chemometric analysis and comparison of 1H NMR1 spectra is commonly hampered by intersample peak position and line width variation due to matrix effects (pH, ionic strength, etc.). Here a novel method for mixture analysis is presented, defined as "targeted profiling". Individual NMR resonances of interest are mathematically modeled from pure compound spectra. This database is then interrogated to identify and quantify metabolites in complex spectra of mixtures, such as biofluids. The technique is validated against a traditional "spectral binning" analysis on the basis of sensitivity to water suppression (presaturation, NOESY-presaturation, WET, and CPMG), relaxation effects, and NMR spectral acquisition times (3, 4, 5, and 6 s/scan) using PCA pattern recognition analysis. In addition, a quantitative validation is performed against various metabolites at physiological concentrations (9 microM-8 mM). "Targeted profiling" is highly stable in PCA-based pattern recognition, insensitive to water suppression, relaxation times (within the ranges examined), and scaling factors; hence, direct comparison of data acquired under varying conditions is made possible. In particular, analysis of metabolites at low concentration and overlapping regions are well suited to this analysis. We discuss how targeted profiling can be applied for mixture analysis and examine the effect of various acquisition parameters on the accuracy of quantification.

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