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Complications Of Endoscopic Sphincterotomy: Results From A Single Tertiary Referral Center.

M. Barthet, N. Lesavre, A. Desjeux, M. Gasmi, P. Berthézène, S. Berdah, X. Viviand, J. Grimaud
Published 2002 · Medicine

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BACKGROUND AND STUDY AIMS Complications of endoscopic sphincterotomy (ES) have been assessed in recent multicenter studies. The aim of this series was to report and identify risk factors for complications of ES at a single tertiary referral center. PATIENTS AND METHODS Between 1996 and 2000, 1159 consecutive endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatographies (ERCP) procedures were performed and their related complications were assessed. A total of 658 patients (57 %) underwent ES. All the clinical, radiological and biological data were carefully recorded within the 30 days following the procedure. Multivariate analysis was performed using a stepwise logistic model. RESULTS The morbidity rate for ES was 7.7 %, being moderate to severe in 5 %. Morbidity included acute pancreatitis (3.5 %), perforations (1.8 %), sepsis (1.2 %) and bleeding (1.2 %). The 30-day mortality was 0.9 %. In the 1159 ERCP procedures, 231 patients underwent precut papillotomy (20 %) followed by sphincterotomy in 174 cases. Using logistic regression analysis, the risk factors for ES were precut papillotomy (relative risk, RR 2.76), confidence interval, (CI 1.39 - 5.49) and the presence of sphincter of Oddi dysfunction (RR, 7.72, CI 3.2 - 18.4). CONCLUSIONS In this single-center series, we found a complication rate of ES in about 7 %, comparable to that in multicenter series. Precut papillotomy and sphincter of Oddi dysfunction were the main independent risk factors for ES.

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