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Formation Of A High Quality Two-dimensional Electron Gas On Cleaved GaAs

L. Pfeiffer, K. West, H. Stormer, J. Eisenstein, K. Baldwin, D. Gershoni, J. Spector
Published 1990 · Physics

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We have succeeded in fabricating a two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) on the cleaved (110) edge of a GaAs wafer by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). A (100) wafer previously prepared by MBE growth is reinstalled in the MBE chamber so that an in situ cleave exposes a fresh (110) GaAs edge for further MBE overgrowth. A sequence of Si-doped AlGaAs layers completes the modulation-doped structure at the cleaved edge. Mobilities as high as 6.1×10^5 cm^2/V s are measured in the 2DEG at the cleaved interface.
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