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CaCu3Ti4O12: One-step Internal Barrier Layer Capacitor

Derek C. Sinclair, Timothy B. Adams, Finlay Morrison, Anthony R. West
Published 2002 · Physics
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There has been much recent interest in a so-called “giant-dielectric phenomenon” displayed by an unusual cubic perovskite-type material, CaCu3Ti4O12; however, the origin of the high permittivity has been unclear [M. A. Subramanian, L. Dong, N. Duan, B. A. Reisner, and A. W. Sleight, J. Solid State Chem. 151, 323 (2000); C. C. Homes, T. Vogt, S. M. Shapiro, S. Wakimoto, and A. P. Ramirez, Science 293, 673 (2001); A. P. Ramirez, M. A. Subramanian, M. Gardel, G. Blumberg, D. Li, T. Vogt, and S. M. Shapiro, Solid State Commun. 115, 217 (2000)]. Impedance spectroscopy on CaCu3Ti4O12 ceramics demonstrates that they are electrically heterogeneous and consist of semiconducting grains with insulating grain boundaries. The giant-dielectric phenomenon is therefore attributed to a grain boundary (internal) barrier layer capacitance (IBLC) instead of an intrinsic property associated with the crystal structure. This barrier layer electrical microstructure with effective permittivity values in excess of 10 000 can be fa...

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