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Photosynthetic Electron Transport From Water To NADP Driven By Photosystem II In Inside-out Chloroplast Vesicles.

P. A. Albertsson, B. Hsu, G. M. Tang, D. Arnon
Published 1983 · Biology, Medicine

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It is now widely held that the light-induced noncyclic (linear) electron transport from water to NADP(+) requires the collaboration in series of the two photosystems that operate in oxygen-evolving cells: photosystem II (PSII) photooxidizes water and transfers electrons to photosystem I (PSI); PSI photoreduces ferredoxin, which in turn reduces NADP(+) (the Z scheme). However, a recently described alternative scheme envisions that PSII drives the noncyclic electron transport from water to ferredoxin and NADP(+) without the collaboration of PSI, whose role is limited to cyclic electron transport [Arnon, D. I., Tsujimoto, H. Y. & Tang, G. M.-S. (1981) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 78, 2942-2946]. Reported here are findings at variance with the Z scheme and consistent with the alternative scheme. Thylakoid membrane vesicles were isolated from spinach chloroplasts by the two-phase aqueous polymer partition method. Vesicles, originating mainly from appressed chloroplast membranes that are greatly enriched in PSII, were turned inside-out with respect to the original sidedness of the membrane. With added plastocyanin, ferredoxin, and ferredoxin-NADP(+) reductase, the inside-out vesicles enriched in PSII gave a significant photoreduction of NADP(+) with water as electron donor, under experimental conditions that appear to exclude the participation of PSI.

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