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Rapid Turbidimetric Determination Of Lipase Activity In Biological Fluids

P. Arzoglou, A. Tavridou, C. Balaska
Published 1989 · Chemistry

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Abstract An improved turbidimetric technique for the determination of lipase activity is presented. A stable and reproducible triolein emulsion obtained with the use of isopropanol is suitable substrate for the lipase activities present in human serum and pancreatic juice. The within-run precision CV is 5.2 % whereas the day-to-day precision CV is 7.3 % for enzyme activities near 400 U/l. Linear response is obtained for lipase activities ranging from 60 to 780 U/l. the detection lower limit is 18 U/l. the use of optimal colipase, sodium taurodeoxycholate and calcium chloride concentrations offer the system increased specificity and analytical sensitivity.
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