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Influence Of Chromium With Vermicompost On Growth And Accumulation By Brahmi

P. Pande, Sukhmal Chand, V. Yadav, M. Anwar, D. Patra
Published 2007 · Chemistry

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Abstract A pot experiment was conducted under glasshouse conditions during 2004 on brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) at the Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP) in Lucknow. The study was conducted to evaluate the influence of different levels of chromium (Cr), with and without vermicompost, on growth and yield, as well as on accumulation of Cr by Bacopa. Rooted cuttings of Bacopa were grown under three levels of Cr (10, 20, and 40 ppm), two levels of vermicompost (2.5 and 5 g kg−1 soil), and a combination of both. The results indicated that herb yield increased with the joint application of vermicompost and chromium, as compared to compost and Cr alone. Application of Cr only decreased nitrogen (N) and increased phosphorus (P) concentration in plants with increase in its supply, whereas application with vermicompost raised N concentration. Chromium concentration in plant tissue was found to be highest at supply of Cr at 40 ppm+vermicompost 5 g kg−1 soil. Increase in the supply of Cr only (10, 20, and 40 ppm) decreased iron (Fe), copper (Cu), and zinc (Zn) concentration in plants. The experiment suggests that brahmi, because of its high accumulation ability, could be used as a scavenger to clean Cr‐contaminated soil.
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