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Effect Of β-Glucan Stabilized Virgin Coconut Oil Nanoemulsion On Properties Of Croaker Surimi Gel

Asir Gani, S. Benjakul
Published 2019 · Chemistry

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ABSTRACT Effects of virgin coconut oil (VCO) nanoemulsion stabilized by β-glucan and β-glucan solution at final β-glucan levels of 5–20% (based on solid weight of surimi) on croaker surimi gel were comparatively studied. Increases in breaking force, deformation, and fracture constant were found in surimi gel containing VCO nanoemulsion stabilized by 5% β-glucan, whereas a decrease in all properties was observed as the level of β-glucan in nanoemulsion increased. The addition of β-glucan solutions led to continuous decrease in breaking force, deformation, and fracture constant, compared to the control. Addition of both β-glucan stabilized nanoemulsion and β-glucan solutions resulted in decrease in viscoelastic moduli. Power law model represented viscoelastic behavior of all the gels. Expressible moisture content decreased, while whiteness increased with the addition of β-glucan-stabilized nanoemulsion, compared with gel containing VCO. However, both expressible moisture content and whiteness increased with the addition of β-glucan solutions, at all levels used. Addition of β-glucan-stabilized nanoemulsion resulted in finer gels compared to the control gel added with only VCO. Generally, overall likeness score increased for gel containing VCO nanoemulsion stabilized by 5% β-glucan. The surimi gel containing both medium chain fatty acids and β-glucan, functional ingredients, could be developed as a new product.
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