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Surface-engineered Dendrimers For Dual Drug Delivery: A Receptor Up-regulation And Enhanced Cancer Targeting Strategy

Rakesh K Tekade, T. Dutta, A. Tyagi, A. Bharti, B. Das, N. K. Jain
Published 2008 · Chemistry

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The present study is aimed at developing and evaluating a combined strategy of dual drug delivery, receptor up-regulation, and drug targeting. The dendritic architectures were synthesized and characterized by IR, 1H-NMR, and 13C-NMR spectroscopy. The pH-responsive simultaneous release behavior of the loaded bioactive from the carrier was also explored. The cell line studies for MTT cytotoxicity, receptor blockade, and receptor up-regulation assays were performed on HeLa cells. Treatment of cells with low concentration of all-trans retinoic acid (ATRA, ∼1 μM) caused a selective up-regulation of folate receptors by 2.21-folds when compared with that of untreated control, after 48 h. ATRA showed a lag phase of 12 h in up-regulating the folate receptors. After 48 h, the IC50 value of naked methotrexate (MTX)–ATRA combination and dendrimer-loaded MTX–ATRA combination were found to be ∼0.1 and 10 μM, respectively, while folate-anchored dendrimer loaded with MTX–ATRA showed a selectively lowered IC50 value of 0.04 μM. It was concluded that in allied ailments like cancer, the proposed dual-drug delivery modality bearing anti-cancer bioactive in conjunction with folate receptor up-regulating cargo may prove to be a promising approach toward the development of a flourishing cancer therapy.
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