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The Culture-Embedded Social Problem Of Elder Mistreatment: A Review Of International Literature On Asian Elders

H. Lee, Elizabeth B. Lightfoot
Published 2014 · Medicine

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Elder mistreatment is now recognized as a worldwide social problem occurring in all racial and ethnic groups. The research on elder mistreatment started in the late 1970s and expanded its focus to ethnic elderly groups including Asian elders in the mid-1980s. Many researchers have explored the issues of elder mistreatment in conjunction with Asian elders’ culture and immigration backgrounds. This article reviews the state of the literature on elder mistreatment among Asians living in Asia or abroad to identify future directions of research, prevention, intervention, and policy. This research indicates that prevention, education, and intervention must take into account the cultural backgrounds of Asian elders and their family members. There is clearly a need for greater research into appropriate elder mistreatment prevention and intervention with Asian elders and their family members.
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