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Transesterification Of Pistacia Chinensis Seed Oil Using A Porous Cellulose-based Magnetic Heterogeneous Catalyst

Tian-Feng Li, C. Shen, H. Zhang, Xi-Qing Wang, J. Jiao, Weiqi Wang, Qing-Yan Gai, Ju-Zhao Liu, T. Liu, Y. Fu
Published 2019 · Chemistry
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ABSTRACT In the present work, a novel cellulose-based porous heterogeneous solid acid catalyst encapsulation of ferriferous oxide (Fe3O4) and sulfonated graphene (GO-SO3H) into cellulose to form composite porous microspheres catalyst (GO-SO3H/CM@Fe3O4) was synthesized and evaluated for biodiesel production from Pistacia chinensis seed oil. The SEM, EDS and FTIR analysis revealed that the catalyst GO-SO3H/CM@Fe3O4 owned stronger active sites and GO-SO3H dispersed well in porous surface and inside of cellulose support. Under the optimum conditions, microwave-assisted transesterification process was carried out with the best catalyst amount, i.e. 5 wt% GO-SO3H/CM@Fe3O4 (weight ratio of GO-SO3H/cellulose), and conversion yield reached 94%. The prepared catalyst could be easily separated from reaction solution by extra magnetic field and reclaimed at least five runs.
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