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International Perspectives On Academic And Professional Preparation Of School And Educational Psychologists: Introduction To A Special Issue Of The International Journal Of School & Educational Psychology

Thomas Oakland, Chryse Hatzichristou
Published 2014 · Psychology

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This special issue of the International Journal of School &Educational Psychology is devoted to promoting an understanding of some current features of school psychology programs and to suggest ways to further strengthen preparation. Information summarized in these 12 articles is intended to assist us in determining the relevance of the International School Psychology Association's (ISPA) model program for the preparation of school psychologists (Cunningham & Oakland, 1998) and how it may be improved, in particular in ways to better address multicultural, multinational, or international issues germane to school psychology. This special series begins with a discussion of the academic and professional preparation of school and educational psychologists from seven countries. The content of these articles builds upon and updates information on school psychology preparation found elsewhere (e.g., Jimerson, Oakland, & Farrell, 2007). The roles of accreditation and professional associations in promoting academic and professional preparation also are discussed. A concluding article (Oakland & Hatzichristou, 2014) summarizes salient issues pertaining to professional preparation, including efforts to emphasize multicultural, transnational, and/or international issues.
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