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A Reliable Scheme For Fabricating Sub-5 Nm Co-planar Junctions For Single-molecule Electronics

M. Saifullah, T. Ondarcu̧hu, D. K. Koltsov, C. Joachim, M. Welland
Published 2002 · Materials Science

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We demonstrate a high yield production scheme to fabricate sub-5 nm co-planar metal–insulator–metal junctions. This involves determining the relationship between the actual gap between the metallic junctions for a given designed gap, and the use of weak developers with ultrasonic agitation to process the exposed resist. This results in an improved process to achieve narrow inter-electrode gaps. The gaps were imaged using an AFM equipped with a carbon nanotube tip to achieve a high degree of accuracy in measurement. The smallest gap unambiguously measured was ~ 2 nm. Gaps with ≤ 5 nm spacing were produced with a very high yield of about 75% for a designed inter-electrode distance of 0 nm. The leakage resistance of the gaps was found to be of the order of 1012 Ω. The entire junction structure was designed to be co-planar to better than 1 nm over 1 μ m2.
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