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Autolysis During In Vitro Tracheary Element Differentiation: Formation And Location Of The Perforation.

Jun Nakashima, Kazuo Takabe, Masaya Fujita, Hiroo Fukuda
Published 2000 · Biology, Medicine
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Tracheary elements differentiated from isolated Zinnia: mesophyll cells were observed at various times of culture under a scanning electron microscope. Perforation occurred on the primary wall at one of the longitudinal ends in single tracheary elements. In double tracheary elements, which both of two cells derived from a single cell differentiated into, the pore opened on the primary walls both at the junction of the two tracheary elements and at a longitudinal end of one of the two tracheary elements. These results suggest not only that a single tracheary element has its own program to form a perforation at one end without being affected by neighboring cells, but also that isolated cells indeed hold some traces of polarity and cell-cell communication.
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