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Cancer : Principles And Practice Of Oncology

V. Devita, S. Hellman, S. Rosenberg
Published 1982 · Medicine

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Part I: Molecular Biology of Cancer Molecular Methods in Oncology Section 1. Amplification Techniques Section 2. RNA Interference Section 3. cDNA arrays Section 4. Tissue arrays Section 5. Cytogenetics Section 6. Bioinformatics Genomics and Proteomics Molecular Targets in Oncology Section 1. Signal transduction systems Section 2. Cell cycle Section 3. Apoptosis Section 4. Telomerase Invasion and Metastases Angiogenesis Cancer Immunology Part II: Principles of Oncology Etiology of Cancer: Viruses Section 1. RNA Viruses Section 2. DNA Viruses Etiology of Cancer: Chemical Factors Etiology of Cancer: Tobacco Etiology of Cancer: Physical Factors Epidemiology of Cancer Section 1. Epidemiologic Methods Section 2. Cancer Statistics Principles of Surgical Oncology Section 1. General Issues Section 2. Laparascopic Surgery Principles of Radiation Oncology Principles of Medical Oncology Pharmacology of Cancer Chemotherapy Section 2. Pharmocokinetics Section 3. Pharmacogenomics Section 4. Alkylating Agents Section 5. Cisplatin and its Analogues Section 6. Antimetabolites Section 7. Topoisomerase Interactive Agents Section 8. Antimicrotubule Agents Section 9. Miscellaneous Chemotherapeutic Agents Pharmacology of Cancer Biotherapeutics Section 1. Interferon Section 2. Interleukin 2 Section 3. Histone deacetylase inhibitors as differentiation agents Section 4. Monoclonal Antibodies Pharmacology of Endocrine Manipulation Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials Part III: Practice of Oncology Cancer Prevention: Preventing Tobacco-Related Cancers Cancer Prevention: Diet and Chemopreventive Agents Section 1. Dietary fat Section 2. Dietary Fiber Section 3. Dietary fruits and vegetables: naturally occurring anticarcinogens Section 4. Retinoids, carotenoids and micronutrients Section 5. Dietary Carcinogens Section 6. Cyclo-oxygenase inhibitors Section 7. Physical Activity and Body Weight Cancer Prevention: Role of Surgery in Cancer Prevention Cancer Screening Advanced Molecular Diagnostics Advanced Imaging Methods Section 1. Functional and Metabolic Imaging Section 2. Interventional Radiology Cancer Diagnosis: Endoscopy Section 1. Gastrointestinal endoscopy Section 2. Respiratory Tract Cancer of the Head and Neck Section 1. Molecular Biology of Head and Neck Tumors Section 2. Treatment of Head and Neck Cancers Section 3. Rehabilitation after Treatment for Head Cancer of the Lung Section 1. Molecular Biology of Lung Cancer Section 2. Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Section 3. Small Cell Lung Cancer Neoplasms of the Mediastinum Cancers of the Gastrointestinal Tract

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