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Disease Resistance Genetics And Genomics In Octoploid Strawberry

C. Barbey, S. Lee, Sujeet Verma, Kevin A. Bird, Alan E. Yocca, P. Edger, S. Knapp, V. Whitaker, K. Folta
Published 2019 · Biology

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Octoploid strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa) is a valuable specialty crop, but profitable production and availability are threatened by many pathogens. Efforts to identify and introgress useful disease resistance genes (R-genes) in breeding programs are complicated by strawberry’s complex octoploid genome. Recently-developed resources in strawberry, including a complete octoploid reference genome and high-resolution octoploid genotyping, enable new analyses in strawberry disease resistance genetics. This study characterizes the complete R-gene collection in the genomes of commercial octoploid strawberry and two diploid ancestral relatives, and introduces several new technological and data resources for strawberry disease resistance research. These include octoploid R-gene transcription profiling, dN/dS analysis, eQTL analysis and RenSeq analysis in cultivars. Octoploid fruit transcript expression quantitative trait loci (eQTL) were identified for 77 putative R-genes. R-genes from the ancestral diploids Fragaria vesca and Fragaria iinumae were compared, revealing differential inheritance and retention of various octoploid R-gene subtypes. The mode and magnitude of natural selection of individual F. × ananassa R-genes was also determined via dN/dS analysis. R-gene sequencing using enriched libraries (RenSeq) has been used recently for R-gene discovery in many crops, however this technique somewhat relies upon a priori knowledge of desired sequences. An octoploid strawberry capture-probe panel, derived from the results of this study, is validated in a RenSeq experiment and is presented for community use. These results give unprecedented insight into crop disease resistance genetics, and represent an advance towards exploiting variation for strawberry cultivar improvement.
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