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Applications Of A Novel Knowledge Discovery And Data Mining Process Model For Metabolomics

Ahmed BaniMustafa, Nigel Hardy
Published 2019 · Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science
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This work demonstrates the execution of a novel process model for knowledge discovery and data mining for metabolomics (MeKDDaM). It aims to illustrate MeKDDaM process model applicability using four different real-world applications and to highlight its strengths and unique features. The demonstrated applications provide coverage for metabolite profiling, target analysis, and metabolic fingerprinting. The data analysed in these applications were captured by chromatographic separation and mass spectrometry technique (LC-MS), Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR), and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR) and involve the analysis of plant, animal, and human samples. The process was executed using both data-driven and hypothesis-driven data mining approaches in order to perform various data mining goals and tasks by applying a number of data mining techniques. The applications were selected to achieve a range of analytical goals and research questions and to provide coverage for metabolite profiling, target analysis, and metabolic fingerprinting using datasets that were captured by NMR, LC-MS, and FT-IR using samples of a plant, animal, and human origin. The process was applied using an implementation environment which was created in order to provide a computer-aided realisation of the process model execution.
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