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Novel Gene Transcripts Preferentially Expressed In Human Muscles Revealed By Quantitative Hybridization Of A High Density CDNA Array.

G. Piétu, O. Alibert, V. Guichard, B. Lamy, F. Bois, E. Leroy, R. Mariage-Sampson, R. Houlgatte, P. Soularue, C. Auffray
Published 1996 · Biology, Medicine

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A set of 1091 human skeletal muscle cDNA clone inserts representing more than 800 human gene transcripts were spotted as PCR products at high density on nylon membranes. Replicas of the filters were hybridized in stringent conditions with 33P-radiolabeled cDNA probes transcribed from skeletal muscle poly(A)+ RNA. Hybridization signals were collected on phosphor screens and processed using a software specifically adapted for this application to identify and quantitate each spot. Parameters likely to influence the hybridization signal intensity were assessed to eliminate artifacts. Each clone was assigned to one of four intensity classes reflecting the steady-state level of transcription of the corresponding gene in skeletal muscle. Differential expression of specific gene transcripts was detected using complex cDNA probes derived from nine different tissues, allowing assessment of their tissue specificity. This made it possible to identify 48 novel gene transcripts (including 7 homologous or related to known sequences) with a muscle-restricted pattern of expression. These results were validated through the analysis of known muscle-specific transcripts and by Northern analysis of a subset of the novel gene transcripts. All these genes have been registered in the Genexpress Index, such that sequence, map, and expression data can be used to decipher their role in the physiology and pathology of human muscles.
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