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Charge Transport In Mixed CdSe And CdTe Colloidal Nanocrystal Films

S. Geyer, V. Porter, J. Halpert, T. Mentzel, M. Kastner, M. Bawendi
Published 2010 · Physics, Materials Science

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Citation Geyer, Scott et al. " Charge transport in mixed CdSe and CdTe colloidal nanocrystal films. Article is made available in accordance with the publisher's policy and may be subject to US copyright law. Please refer to the publisher's site for terms of use. The MIT Faculty has made this article openly available. Please share how this access benefits you. Your story matters. We report the influence of trap states on charge transport through films of mixed CdTe and CdSe nanocrys-tals ͑NCs͒ between lateral electrodes, through layered films of CdTe and CdSe NCs in a layered geometry, and through films of CdTe/CdSe nanobarbells in a layered geometry. We find that an electron trapping state on the surface of the CdTe NCs dominates the conduction in all devices studied. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and thermal activation studies implicate unpassivated or oxidized Te as the electron-trapping site.
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