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Direct Evidence For Cytodifferentiation To Tracheary Elements Without Intervening Mitosis In A Culture Of Single Cells Isolated From The Mesophyll Of Zinnia Elegans.

H. Fukuda, A. Komamine
Published 1980 · Medicine, Biology

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A serial observation of the process of tracheary element differentiation from single cells isolated from the mesophyll of Zinnia elegans L. cv. Canary bird provided the first direct evidence for the cytodifferentiation without intervening mitosis. Percentage of the tracheary elements formed without cell division was about 60% of total tracheary elements formed on the 4th day of culture. The number of tracheary elements formed without intervening mitosis was not reduced in the presence of colchicine at the concentrations blocking cell division. These facts clearly indicate that cell division is not a prerequisite for tracheary element differentiation in this system.

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