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Smart Mirror E-health Assistant — Posture Analyze Algorithm Proposed Model For Upright Posture

Biljana Cvetkoska, Ninoslav Marina, Dijana Capeska Bogatinoska, Zhanko Mitreski
Published 2017 · Engineering, Computer Science
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Today there exist many different types of smart assistants and devices, such as virtual assistants, smartphones and wearables, which have a purpose to coordinate and optimize the daily activities of the people worldwide. The smart assistants' focus is mainly on basic human needs, e.g. browsing, scheduling, navigating and other similar activities. However, not many smart assistants are concerned with the human health overall. In this paper, we focus on the possibility of using a smart mirror to detect health issues. A new Smart eHealth Mirror model is proposed, that consists of a smart mirror which works on its own algorithm and behaves as smart assistant. This proposed model uses face recognition authentication, posture problem detection, and proper posture guidance, followed with suggestions for preventive healthcare. The algorithm identifies the person's posture and carefully analyses the posture and body changes over time. The obtained results from the analysis satisfied our expectations by improving the upright posture of the tested individual by considerable rate. The benefit of the proposed smart algorithm is proven by the evaluation results, which improved with each new individual analysis.
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