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Evaluation Of Alternatives To Malachite Green Oxalate As A Therapeutant For Ichthyophthiriosis In Rainbow Trout Oncorhynchus Mykiss

T. Wahli, M. Schmitt, W. Meier
Published 1993 · Biology

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Summary Malachite green, the drug most commonly used against ichthyophthiriosis, is suspected to be carcinogenic and mutagenic. Therefore, the use of this de is restricted or rohibited in several countries. In order to find an alternative, the in vitro effect of the following substances on different stages of Ichthyophthirius multifilis (tomont, cyst and tomite) was investigated: Amphotericin B, chloram-phenicol, chlortetracycline, dimetridazole, formalin, furazolidone, oxytetracycline and sulfachlorpy-razine, and as controls malachite green and mixtures of malachite green and formalin. In vitro, Amphothericin B, chlortetracycline, formalin and mixtures of malachite green and formalin showed the same potential as malachite green. Furazolidone inhibited the development of theronts but was relatively ineffective against emerged theronts. Little or no parasiticidal effect could be attributed to chloramphenicol, dimetridazole, oxytetracline or sulfachlorpyrazine. The substances, which had proved all highly effective in vitro, were subsequently examined in vivo in a bath treatment and/or using medicated diets. Thereby successful treatment was achieved only with malachite green and mixtures of malachite green and formalin. All other substances were either ineffective or their use resulted in increased mortality (formalin).
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