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Ichthyophthiriasis In The Mirror Carp Cyprinus Carpio (L.) III. Pathology

R. S. Hines, D. Spira
Published 1974 · Biology

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The microscopical pathology of Ichthyophthiriasis was studied in a group of mirror carp infected with measured numbers of parasites under standardized conditions. Primary pathology consisted of inflammatory, proliferative, and degenerative changes in the epidermis and hyperaemia and oedema of the spongiose dermis. This was accompanied by changes in the amount and distribution of pigment in the spongiose dermis. Proliferation of interlamellar epithelial tissue of the gills in response to the parasite resulted in partial or complete filling of the interlamellar spaces. Secondary changes noted in the disease were devacuolization of hepatocytes, leukocytic depletion of the mesonephric kidneys, and leukocytic metaplasia or hyperplasia in the spleen.
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