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Monolayer Studies On Poly(isobutylcyanoacrylate)‐ampicillin Association

A. Baszkin, P. Couvreur, M. Deyme, S. Henry-Michelland, G. Albrecht
Published 1987 · Chemistry, Medicine

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Surface pressure‐area isotherms (π‐A) of poly(isobutylcyanoacrylate) monolayers with or without glucose and dextran as polymerization adjuvants used in the preparation of nanoparticles have been derived from measurements made at the air‐water interface with the subphase pH at 2ṁ7, 5ṁ5 or 8ṁ8. The isotherms were characteristic of the expanded type of polymer monolayer curves, yielding unusually low limiting area values compared with those of other known poly(acrylate) derivatives. This behaviour may be explained by the folding of polar moieties of the polymer groups in the water subphase. Ampicillin incorporated during preparation of nanoparticles had a negligible effect on the general behaviour of adjuvant‐free monolayers, but a significant one on the adjuvant‐loaded polymer monolayer system which showed an increase in surface area throughout the compression cycle, as compared with the surface area of the adjuvant‐free polymer system although the collapse pressure was practically the same at 67 mN m−1.
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