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Manganese Reduction By A Marine Bacillus Species.

J. D. de Vrind, F. Boogerd, E. W. de Vrind-de Jong
Published 1986 · Biology, Medicine

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Mature dormant spores of marine Bacillus sp. strain SG1 catalyze the oxidation of Mn(II) to MnO2. We report that vegetative cells of the same strain reduced MnO2 under low-oxygen conditions. The rate of reduction was a function of cell concentration. The process had a pH optimum of 7.5 to 8.0 and was inhibited by HgCl2, by preheating of the cells at 80 degrees C for 5 min, by antimycin A, and by N-heptyl-hydroxy-quinoline-N-oxide. At a nonlimiting O2 concentration, little MnO2 reduction was observed. Under these conditions, the process could be induced by the addition of NaN3. Spectrophotometric analysis of the Bacillus cells indicated the presence of type b and c cytochromes. Both types can be oxidized in situ by addition of MnO2 to the cells.

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