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Manganese Binding And Oxidation By Spores Of A Marine Bacillus.

R. Rosson, K. Nealson
Published 1982 · Biology, Medicine

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Mature, dormant spores of a marine bacillus, SG-1, bound and oxidized (precipitated) manganese on their surfaces. The binding and oxidation occurred under dormant conditions, with mature spores suspended in natural seawater. These heat-stable spores were formed in the absence of added manganese in the growth medium. The rate and amount of manganese bound by SG-1 spores was a function of spore concentration. Temperatures greater than 45 degrees C, pH values below 6.5, or the addition of EDTA or the metabolic inhibitors sodium azide, potassium cyanide, and mercuric chloride inhibited manganese binding and oxidation. However, SG-1 spores bound and oxidized manganese after treatment with glutaraldehyde, formaldehyde, ethylene oxide gas, or UV light, all of which killed the spores. Manganese oxidation never occurred in the absence of manganese binding to spores. The data suggest that Mn2+ was complexed by a spore component, perhaps an exosporium or a spore coat protein: once bound, the manganese was rapidly oxidized.

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