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Comparative Study Of Chemical Composition And Antitumor Activity Of Aqueous-ethanol Extracts Of Brown Algae Laminaria Cichorioides, Costaria Costata, And Fucus Evanescens

T. Imbs, N. Krasovskaya, S. Ermakova, T. Makarieva, N. Shevchenko, T. Zvyagintseva
Published 2009 · Biology

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The chemical composition of water-ethanol extracts of the brown algae Laminaria cichorioides, Costaria costata, and Fucus evanescens were studied. The extracts contained mannitol, iodine, micro elements, free amino acids, glycolipids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, fucosterine, and polyphenols. The extracts were distinguished by high contents of mannitol and iodine (L. cichorioides), lipophilic matter (C. costata), and polyphenol compounds (F. evanescens). All the extracts under study inhibited the growth of DLD-1 and HT-29 human intestine tumor cells. The strongest inhibitory effect was exerted by the extract of F. evanescens at a concentration of 50 μg/ml. The extracts can be recommended for the production of fucosterol, phlorotannins, chlorophyll derivatives, mannitol, and compositions for medical and veterinary application.
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