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Lipolytic Enzymes And Plasma Lipoprotein Metabolism.

P. Nilsson-ehle, A. S. Garfinkel, M. Schotz
Published 1980 · Biology, Medicine

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PERSPECTIVES AND SUMMARY 668 OUTLINE OF LIPOPROTEIN METABOLISM 669 TriglycerideRich Lipoproteins: VLDL and Chylomicrons .... . . ..... ..... ....... .. .... .. 670 High-Density Lipoproteins ..... . . ... ..... ....... ...... ... . . .. . . 672 LIPOPROTEIN LIPASE (LPL) 673 Comparison of LPL f rom Diff erent Sources . . ... 673 Physio.logic�l Rol� of L.PL .... ... : 675 Trtglyceride assimilatI On ..... ...... .. ...... ..... . . ....... 675 Lipoprotein transformations .... .. . . ..... .. . . ......... ....... 677 Regulation of LPL .. . . . . .... ...... . . ...... ..... . . .. .. ... 679 Passive modulation of triglyceride removal 679 Active regulation of LPL activity ....... . . .. ......... ... .... . . ... .... .... ...... 681 Effect of substrate composition ........ . . .. ......... .. . . 684 Other effectors 685 HEPATIC LIPASE 686 LECITHIN CHOLESTEROL ACYL TRANSFERASE (LCAT) 688
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