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MRF4, Myf-5, And Myogenin MRNAs In The Adaptive Responses Of Mature Rat Muscle

J. Jacobs-El, M. Y. Zhou, B. Russell

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We studied the possible role of specific muscle regulatory factors (MRF) in the adaptive response to changes in contractile activity in mature skeletal muscle. The tibialis anterior muscle of anesthetized female rats was subjected to low-frequency stimulation, static stretch, or a combination of both. Message levels of MRF were observed after 2 h of activity, and the subsequent 20-h recovery period by slot blot and in situ hybridizations for MRF4, Myf-5, and myogenin. A combination of stimulation and stretch for 2 h increased MRF4 (11.6 +/- 5.3-fold) and Myf-5 (6.6 +/- 1.4-fold). In situ hybridization showed abundance in some regions of the muscle with positive staining near peripheral nuclei of both large and small fibers. Message levels remained high for 30 min and declined to near control levels by 20 h of recovery. Myogenin mRNA levels were unaffected by any manipulations. Neither stretch alone nor 10 Hz of electrical stimulation alone induced a significant increase in MRF. We conclude that myonuclei, and possibly activated myoblasts, increase expression of Myf-5 and MRF4 after a combination of both stimulation and stretch for 2 h.