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The Positioning Of Rye Homologous Chromosomes Added To Wheat Through The Cell Cycle In Somatic Cells Untreated And Treated With Colchicine

E. Corredor, M. Díez, K. Shepherd, T. Naranjo
Published 2005 · Medicine, Biology

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The arrangement of chromosome pairs 5RL and 7R added to the wild type and the ph1b mutant line of hexaploid wheat are analyzed in 2N somatic root tip cells during the cell cycle relative to the arrangement that chromosomes 5RL show in 4N tapetal cells produced after colchicine treatment. Both homologous chromosome pairs are identified at interphase and mitosis by fluorescence in situ hybridization. In nuclei at interphase, chromosomes appear as discrete domains that show the Rabl orientation. Homologous chromosomes are predominantly non-associated and their positioning seems not to be influenced by the Ph1 gene that suppresses homoeologous meiotic pairing. This pattern of arrangement contrasts with the high level of somatic pairing that sister chromosomes show in the interphase that follows chromosome duplication induced by colchicine. Disruption of pairing observed in some 4N nuclei is produced at c-anaphase which suggests no topological redistribution of homologues during conformation of the new nucleus. Homologous chromosomes show no predominant arrangement in ellipsoidal metaphase plates, which contrasts with the preferential opposite location of homologues in human prometaphase rosettes. Differences between chromosomes in the variation of the length through the cell cycle and in the chromatin morphology when the Ph1 is absent suggest different patterns of chromatin condensation in both chromosomes.
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