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Indeterminate Pediatric Thyroid Fine Needle Aspirations: A Study Of 68 Cases

Matthew A. Smith, Liron Pantanowitz, Walid E. Khalbuss, Vanessa A Benkovich, Sara E Monaco
Published 2013 · Medicine
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Objective: The Bethesda System for Reporting Thyroid Cytopathology (TBSRTC) provides a reporting scheme for thyroid fine needle aspiration (FNA) and includes three indeterminate categories with different management strategies. This study analyzes indeterminate thyroid FNAs in children, and correlates these findings with the histological features. Methods: A total of 179 thyroid FNA specimens were retrieved from children. Cases were categorized by TBSRTC. Only cases diagnosed as atypia (AUS)/follicular lesion of undetermined significance (FLUS), suspicious for follicular or oncocytic neoplasm (SFON), or suspicious for malignancy (SM) were selected and correlated with the nodule size and histological follow-up. Results: Sixty-eight cases were identified, including 43 (63%) AUS/FLUS diagnoses, 19 (28%) SFON, and 6 (9%) SM. On follow-up, 48% were malignant, including 28% AUS/FLUS cases, 58% SFON, and 100% SM. The average size of the malignant lesions diagnosed preoperatively as AUS/FLUS was 1.5 cm (range 0.7-4.5), compared to 3.3 cm (range 1.2-6.6) in SFON and 2.8 cm (range 0.7-3.8) in SM. Malignancies included 92% papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC), 77% of which were the follicular variant of PTC (FVPTC) and 8% follicular carcinomas. The AUS/FLUS cases were largely due to compromised specimens (49%) and the highest malignancy rate occurred in those with cytological atypia (50%). Conclusions: This study shows an incremental risk of malignancy within the indeterminate categories using TBSRTC in children. Malignant nodules with a preoperative AUS/FLUS diagnosis tended to be smaller than those with a SFON or SM diagnosis, and the vast majority of malignancies were PTC, with a high proportion being FVPTC.
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