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Characterization Of Carbon Nanotubes Loaded With Nitrogen, Phosphorus And Potassium Fertilizers

Mohammed Nagib Abdel-Ghany Hasaneen, Heba Abdel-aziz, Aya Moheb Omer
Published 2017 · Materials Science

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Carbon nanotubes either single-walled or multiwalled have been a focus in materials research. Carbon nanotubes are tubular structures of nanometer diameter and large length/diameter ratio. The nanotubes may consist of one, tens and hundreds of concentric shells of carbons with adjacent shells separation of ˜0.34 nm and they can have different individual structures, morphologies and properties. Hence, a wide variety of synthetic methods have been developed to produce the desired materials and properties for scientific studies or technological applications. In this study we succeeded to develop a chemical synthetic method that allows us to prepare carbon nanotubes (CNTs) from graphite powder easily and inexpensively at low temperatures (below 70°C) and without applying pressure.
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