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Carbon Nanotube-based Sensors.

N. Sinha, Jiazhi Ma, J. T. Yeow
Published 2006 · Medicine, Materials Science

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Sensors continue to make significant impact in everyday life. There has been a strong demand for producing highly selective, sensitive, responsive, and cost effective sensors. As a result, research emphasis is on developing new sensing materials and technologies. Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have many distinct properties that may be exploited to develop next generation of sensors. This manuscript reviews the distinct physical, electronic, and mechanical properties of CNTs. The main thrust of this review is to highlight the present and future research and development work in the area of carbon nanotube sensors for real-world applications. The technical challenges associated with CNT-based sensors, which remain to be fully addressed, have also been outlined at the end of the manuscript. This review aims to act as a reference source for researchers to help them in developing new applications of CNT-based sensors.
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