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Brownian Relaxation Of Interacting Magnetic Nanoparticles In A Colloid Subjected To A Pulsatile Magnetic Field.

S. Sarangi, I. C. Tan, A. Brazdeikis
Published 2011 · Materials Science, Medicine

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We have investigated and modeled the effect of interaction among magnetic particles and the magnitude and duration of external applied magnetic field on Brownian relaxation in a colloidal suspension. In the case of interacting magnetic particles, Brownian relaxation depends on the interparticle dipole-dipole interaction, which slows down the overall Brownian relaxation process of magnetic particles in the colloidal suspension. The individual magnetic particle experiences torque when a pulsatile magnetic field is applied. The torque due to the external field randomizes the particle rotation similar to that of the thermal energy. A faster Brownian relaxation is observed when individual magnetic particles are magnetized for a short duration. Magnetizing the magnetic particle for a longer duration suppress the rotational motion hence the effect of torque on Brownian relaxation.
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