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Benzene And Leukemia, Pliofilm Revisited: II. Take-home Leukemia

P. Infante
Published 2013 · Medicine

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To the Editor: Individuals living with workers are sometimes known to contract diseases related to the worker’s employment as a result of ‘‘take-home’’ exposure. The most well-documented of such exposures is asbestos, where numerous reports have documented mesothelioma among people who were not occupationally exposed but whose family member were. To my knowledge, the diagnosis of leukemia from take-home benzene exposure has not been reported. Thus, I report a case of erythroleukemia diagnosed in a woman married to a Pliofilm worker, who previously died from acute myelogenous leukemia (AML). Benzene exposure to the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company Pliofilm cohort has been described in previous scientific publications, the popular press, in memoranda from the Ohio Division of Safety and Hygiene and in testimony and a written report provided to OSHA during the OSHA 1977 Benzene Hearings by a hematologist, who treated a majority of the Akron Pliofilm workers who were diagnosed with the rare Di Guglielmo’s Erythroleukemia. I discuss some of these cases in an article in this issue.
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