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An Uncommon Cause Of Pleural Effusion

Amit Panjwani, Mohamed Redha Salman
Published 2019 · Medicine

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Pleural disease is a common respiratory condition affecting ∼3000 people per million population annually [1]. Pleural effusion has multiple underlying aetiological conditions and therefore requires a systematic assessment to reach a final diagnosis. Despite detailed evaluation, there may be situations, where the aetiology of a pleural effusion remains unknown [2]. Various experts have suggested a step-wise approach in the management of these undiagnosed pleural effusions [3]. The role of detailed history, proper clinical examination and appropriate investigations, including computed tomography (CT) of chest and pleural biopsy, in an attempt to establish the correct cause of pleural effusion cannot be overemphasised. We present an interesting case of pleural effusion that was managed at our institute. Pleural effusions are associated with various aetiologies: systematic evaluation is needed to reach a correct diagnosis. In 20% of cases the aetiology of exudative pleural effusion is elusive and pleural biopsy is required to reach a diagnosis.
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