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Hybrid Dielectrics Composed Of Al2O3 And Phosphonic Acid Self-assembled Monolayers For Performance Improvement In Low Voltage Organic Field Effect Transistors

Sukjae Jang, Dabin Son, Sunbin Hwang, Minji Kang, Seoung-ki Lee, Dae-Young Jeon, S. Bae, S. Lee, D. Lee, T. Kim
Published 2018 · Medicine, Materials Science

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Low voltage operational organic transistors (< 4 V) based on pentacene were successfully fabricated with hybrid dielectric films composed of aluminum oxide using atomic layer deposition and various phosphonic acid-based self-assembled monolayers as the gate dielectrics. High capacitances up to 279 nF/cm2, low leakage current densities of 10−8 A/cm2 at 6 V, and high breakdown fields up to 7.5 MV/cm were obtained. The transistors with the octadecylphosphonic acid hybrid dielectric exhibited an improved saturation mobility of 0.58 cm2/Vs, a subthreshold slope of 151 mV/decade, a threshold voltage of − 1.84 V and an on–off current ratio of 106. The low surface energies of the self-assembled monolayers having non-polar terminal groups, such as methyl and pentafluorophenoxy, improved the carrier conduction of the transistors due to the pentacene growth with an edge-on orientation for low voltage operation. The pentafluorophenoxy end-group showed an accumulation of holes at the semiconductor-dielectric interface.
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