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2018 Chinese Guidelines For Prevention And Treatment Of Hypertension—A Report Of The Revision Committee Of Chinese Guidelines For Prevention And Treatment Of Hypertension

L. Liu
Published 2019 · Medicine

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Revision Committee Members Chair: Li–Sheng LIU* Deputy Chairs: Zhao–Su WU, Ji–Guang WANG, Wen WANG Members (Listed in alphabetic order by last name in Chinese Pinyin) Yu–Jing BAO, Jun CAI, Lu–Yuan CHEN, Wei–Wei CHEN, Shao–Li CHU, Ying–Qing FENG, Ping–Jin GAO, Ting–Rui GUAN, Zi–Hong GUO, Qi HUA, Jun HUANG, Yong HUO, Wei–Ping JIA, Xiong–Jing JIANG, Yi–Nong JIANG, Li LI, Li–Huan LI, Nan–Fang LI, Wei LI, Xiao–Ying LI, Xue–Wang LI, Yan LI, Yong LI, Jin–Xiu LIN, Li–Sheng LIU, Xin–Zheng LU, Ji–Xiang MA, Jie MI, Jian-Jun MU, Chang–Yu PAN, Gang SUN, Ning–Ling SUN, Ying–Xian SUN, Jun TAO, Hao WANG, Ji–Guang WANG, Wen WANG, Wen–Zhi WANG, Yong–Jun WANG, Yu WANG, Zeng–Wu WANG, Hai–Ying WU, Zhao–Su WU, Liang–Di XIE, Zhang–Rong XU, Xiao–Wei YAN, Yan–Min YANG, Chong–Hua YAO, Zheng–Pei ZENG, Jian ZHANG, Wei–Zhong ZHANG, Xin–Hua ZHANG, Xin–Jun ZHANG, Yu–Qing ZHANG, Ding–Liang ZHU, Jun ZHU, Zhi–Ming ZHU
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